PPG JC5A Corrosion Inhibitive Jointing Compound 160ml

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Protect your removable fasteners and assemblies from corrosion-causing moisture by using PPG  JC5A Jointing Compound. The one-part, non-curing compound is easy to use and comes in a pre-filled 160 ml cartridge. Use as much as you need and store the extra right in the cartridge for no mess and virtually no cleanup. The joining compound is used to provide protection from galvanic corrosion, a well-known challenge in the aerospace industry. It goes on easily and provides excellent protection, even in the most demanding of environments. Use PPG  JC5A Jointing Compound in H20-enriched areas and parts of the aircraft that are consistently exposed to atmospheric conditions, environmental moisture and other corrosion-inducing hazards.

PPG  JC5A Jointing Compound has a yellow color for easy identification. It is paste-like in consistency which makes it easy to apply using either a brush, a roller or a spatula. The compound is specially formulated to remain permanently fluid and is resistant to all types of aviation fuels including jet fuel and aviation gasoline, both of which can be corrosive. It also works over a wide temperature range, making it ideal for any environment.